How to setup an affiliate cam site

Want to capitalize on the adult webcam industry but don’t want to get naked? An affiliate cam site could be for you! If you don’t mind putting in the work, you can watch your finances grow and potentially run your business on autopilot..

So What is an adult affiliate cam site?

An adult affiliate cam site is a site that uses traffic (flow of people) to generate income. Rather than going on cam, you bring the customers to the cammers and receive a percentage of their expenditure. The great thing about affiliate sites is that they will usually give you lifetime earnings on a customer, so you will continue to make money as long as they spend it. One of our writers has not owned an adult affiliate cam site for a few years now but they still receive a substantial amount of money periodically.

Why start an adult affiliate cam site? Why the adult industry?

There are various reasons why an adult affiliate cam site would be a great option for both new entrepreneurs and those expanding into new territory. To start with, the adult industry has grown year on year. More people than ever before get online to watch people get raunchy and that means one thing; Big business opportunity. Studies are showing that people are starting to steer away from the high-budget, hollywoodesque porn studios and are instead focusing on amateurs and independent producers. This means camgirls and camboys are rapidly gaining popularity with online viewers.

Another great thing about the adult industry is that it is constantly evolving. Genres have been going up and down since the 70s and interests diversify all the time. This change is keeping people engaged with the adult industry. Usually constant change in an industry can be problematic from a business standpoint but with an affiliate cam site, the performers handle the change. While you can capitalize on the trending topics to drive traffic, the techniques you develop likely won’t become obsolete.

So why is an affiliate cam site a great career path?

  • Working from home. Similary to camming, you get to spend your day in the comfort of your home. No more worrying about commuting or traffic in the mornings, in fact even mornings are optional. Coffee is at your disposal and you can work in your slacks or nothing at all if you so choose. Working from home opens up a unique feeling of freedom and allows you to focus on what you do best.
  • You dictate your workload. As mentioned in the previous point, mornings become optional. If you prefer working on a night or in 3 hour intervals during the day, that’s fine because it is all your choice. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it happens throughout the day. There is no panic to get things posted or race to finish a project by 5pm. One of the best benefits in our eyes is having the ability to take a day off if you need it.


  • Money can be made on almost full autopilot. We will go into details further into the article, but once you have a customer affiliated, their spending becomes your earnings without having to tempt them back to your site. Once they signed up, you’re making money for life!


  • Adult marketing has been done since the 1990s. While a lot of people stay away from it because they feel it is too competitive, it’s really not as difficult as people may think and we will be going through techniques that we have personally used and tested with success. Don’t be dissuaded by others saying there is no money in the adult industry. It’s often to help keep new entrepreneurs coming in and taking a slice of the cake. The adult industry is growing none stop; After all, sex sells!


  • Affiliate marketing has near zero startup costs and can be started for only $1 with expensive running costs. This makes it a minimal risk business. There is next to no risk testing the water and growing your business is all down to you putting in the work; You don’t have to rely on business deals or investors, this is completely you making it work!

These are just a handful of the benefits from starting up an adult affiliate cam site, there are plenty more that you will come to discover and hopefully reap when you are making serious money!

So how much can I actually make with an adult affiliate cam site?

When we say the sky is the limit, we’re not joking. Your time and effort dictate how much you earn and there is no set limit. We have seen some of the big affiliates making upwards of $5000 a day. Those are some pretty crash claims right? Have a look for yourselves here. As you can see if you scroll down on their site, there are some people making big money. While it is unrealistic to expect to make this amount, it is certainly obtainable if you are dedicated enough.

So what amount should you expect to make? Again, it’s hugely dependent on how much time and effort you put into it, alongside how well you utilize that time. It’s hugely variable but we would say that doing a few hours a day should make you $1000-$2000 a monthly comfortably. Don’t forget, this isn’t the same as most businesses where when you stop, the money stops. Because of the nature of affiliate marketing, you will continue to make money even if you choose to stop marketing as you will have lifetime earnings on any referred customers. Let that sink in. Lifetime Earnings.

So what's the catch? This sounds too good to be true.

From a financial perspective, there is no catch. If you want to get setup and started, you can do so with minimal or even no investment. However, the difficulty comes in when you enter the world of internet marketing. Learning the ropes of marketing will shatter your views and opinions of social networks, which are by far the greatest marketing tools of the century. You will quickly realise that all those pages you see on facebook and instagram that looks like harmless meme pages or even the ones offering coupons are secretly lucrative businesses. Luckily we are here to get you guide you and get you started. This site offers everything to get you making money and is constantly expanding!

Learning to market efficiently is where you will spend a lot of time and energy. This is the “catch” although it’s not really a catch more of a doorway. The best part is, the skills you learn are not restricted to the Adult sector and can be transferred to any online business. With so many businesses going online now, internet marketing is in huge demand so even if you choose to take a different route or finish with the adult industry, you will still be leaving with invaluable knowledge.

How do I get the ball rolling?

For the beginner, there is honestly only three simple steps to get up and going. You can have yourself your own adult affiliate cam site business set up in 30 minutes and you can be out there making your money within the hour. It’s super easy, give it a go and you will see for yourself!

1. Choose a domain

While you could set up without a domain, we really recommend you get one. They are not expensive, costing around $10 for a year. This is the only cost we absolutely recommend you spend. You can learn more about domains and how to get one on our Domains Page.

2. Set up a whitelabel

We recommend you use whitelabels as they are the easiest to manage and require no knowledge of coding. Getting started is free and simple and is usually instant. You can learn all about whitelabels on our Whitelabels Page.

3. Get marketing!

Now for the bread and butter of the business, marketing. There are plenty of areas of the site where you can find material and also the Community Forums. Marketing is where your time will be spent, so we highly recommend giving everything a good read!

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