How to setup a chaturbate whitelabel

If you have stumbled across this page from google or someone has linked it to you, chances are, you know what a chaturbate whitelabel is. If not, feel free to read our Whitelabels page. Before starting this guide, you should have a domain, you can learn more about domains here.

Step 1. Making an Account

Self-explanatory, you will need to create yourself an account. You can do so here: Chaturbate Affiliate Sign Up. Once signed up, you can get back to your affiliate account link by going to the “affiliates” section at the bottom of the page. This guide may seem long, however, the bulk of it is images to help you get your whitelabel up and running!

Once you have setup your account and confirmed your email, you should be greeted with a screen like below.

The blacked out part is your affiliate link. You can share that link and anyone who signs up and spends cash, you will get a cut of it. But it’s hard to get people to sign up through a long link like that, so let’s look at the whitelabel tab.

Step 2. Create the Chaturbate whitelabel

Clcik the “white labels” tab in the header. You will be greeted by a page showing your whitelabels. If you want, you can have more than one. Why would you want this? Well, let’s say you want to focus on gay traffic. You could have a domain, such as “” and have that show only gay cammers, while also having another domain, “” which shows all categories. You can also customise the themes of each whitelabel and the logo. Whitelabels can be added at any time!

Let’s add one use the ” add a whitelabel option”.

You will now be given a page that allows you to customise how your white label looks. Let’s go through each setting. We will break the settings into two parts, the main information and the colouring.

Let’s begin with the main information:

Preset Color Options.

This will automatically add colors in. This is overriden in the color section that we will cover after. Ignore this.

Chaturbate Alias.

This will be your whitelabels name on chaturbate and how you identify it. This isn’t really important, however it’s a good idea to set this as your domain name for your own reference. You must use lowercase letters.

Site Name.

The site name is just how the whitelabel appears in your control panel. Again, use your domain but with spaces and capitalisation if you like.

Featured Gender.

When you visit the site, the default tab is “Featured”. By unticking boxes, you can remove which cam genres will appear. This works well if you have targetted traffic. For example, if you have traffic that is predominantly, say gay men or straight women, you would want to tick only men so that the cams that are shown first are men. Please note, you can still find the other genres on the site so don’t be afraid to change the featured if you feel your traffic would benefit from it.

Logo Image.

This is the image that will appear on the top left hand corner of your site. Make sure it is no larger than 400px wide and 65px high. You can resize your logo online if you need to.

Favicon Image.

A Favicon is displayed in your tabs. If you look at the tab on this page, you should see a little pink webcam. This is to help users quickly recognise which site each tab is using. Try make it unique and memorable. It must be at least 32px wide and 32px high and a square. You can again resize using online tools if you need to.

Homescreen Icon.

Most modern browsers (chrome, firefox etc) will allow you to pin bookmarks onto your home screen when you first open a new tab. This is the image that will appear when they bookmark it. It must be square and at least 192px wide and 192px high.


This is the title that will appear in your browser tabs. We recommend setting it to your domain.


This will appear underneath your logo and is just a short message.

Meta Description.

This isn’t pictured above but there will be an option for “meta description”. This is the description you see in google when searching for a site. You want to make this a short sentence explaining what users can expect if they click the link.

That is it for the main information. There are a couple more optional settings we will discuss after colors. If you go ahead and click save, you should now be able to preview your whitelabel. With the settings we put in the above picture, this is what we got:

(Users are blurred for privacy reasons)

Pretty nifty right? Now you may be wanting to jump in there are start sharing your new link all around but we still have a little bit more to do.

Step 3. Add the finishing touches to your chaturbate whitelabel

Head back over to your white labels page and edit your whitelabel. We will now take a look at the colour settings. We won’t go into this in too much depth as you can save and preview them as much as you want until you are happy with the result. Have a play and see what you can make that stands out while being easy to read. You may also want to read up on the psychology of color as it could help you decide on a scheme, check this article out!

For reference, this is the settings we went with:

As well as the following optional settings. We will come back to google analytics in a moment…

The final site can be viewed here, but we have provided a screenshot for you to look at just in case you cannot get onto the site or you want a reasonably SFW-friendly version.

You are on the home stretch now for setup, there is just linking the domain and analytics (which is optional) left. Let’s continue onwards!

Step 4. Linking your domain to the chaturbate whitelabel

Now we need to turn the subdomain you were given (e.g. into your full domain. This will make your site seem much more professional and will also deter users from leaving to go to the full site.

To begin, head back to your whitelabels page, find the “HTTPS Domains column” and then click add.

You will be asked to enter the domain you wish to add. This is your domain, i.e. not (www. is a subdomain of the domain). You will be then shown the following page:

You can use either option, it isn’t an issue. To do it, we are going to have to go to our domain registrar (the company we rented our domain from). Assuming you followed the info in our domains section, this is probably going to be NameCheap so we will provide the instructions for them. All domain registrars will allow you to create records, the only thing that may differ is the location of the DNS manager.

For namecheap, go to your account dashboard Here and find your domain. Click on manage. You should now see a heading called “Advanced DNS”, open that up. Under ‘host records’ press “add new record” and then fill in the information as described.

Once input, It should look like below;

Or, if using a CNAME record, it will look like this;

Go back to your whitelabel manager on chaturbate and click verify.

Note: If it fails to verify yet you have followed the steps correctly, just allow some time for the changes to propogate (take affect). Usually this will take no more than 10-30 mins but may take up to 48 hours in rare cases.

You will now be presented with a new screen. It will tell you to create a new cname. Just as before, go back to your namecheap (or other) panel, click manage, go to advanced DNS and add a new record. The record will look like the image below if done correctly;

Now, once that’s created, scroll to the top and click “RECHECK”.  Again, take note of the notice above; propogation can take a while a little while. If it can’t verify, make sure you have done it right and then leave it a little while for the DNS record to update.

Once it’s working, you should see a little green “Active” in the status. Now it’s time for the final part of setting up your chaturbate whitelabel. We now need to create one final record, an A record which uses chaturbates system to redirect people from “” to “”.

As before, go into your advanced DNS and add a new record. Select A and input @ as the host and the IP listed as the destination. Click save.

The ip is the number – in our case it was however yours may be different so please make sure to check.

Congratulations, your domain is now fully set up and ready to use!!

You should now be able to visit either “” or “” and it will redirect to your flashy new chaturbate whitelabel. Anyone visiting your site can create accounts, spend cash, watch the cams etc and they will not know it’s chaturbate. Better still, you will now receive 20% [at the time of writing] of all current and future purchases made. Now you just need to drive traffic to your site, which we will discuss shortly. We’re sure you can think of some creative ways to get started though.

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