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So what are whitelabel cam sites? Whitelabel is a term for an online store or service which allows you to sell their product or services through your own domain with your own custom branding. What does this mean? It means all you need to do is get people to visit your domain and the camsite handles the rest! The camsite will track all payments and pay you a percentage of what is spent. Bear in mind, any accounts created work for the parent site

What do I need to get started?

The great thing is, to get started, all you need is a domain (even that is technically optional but we do not recommend working without one!). With whitelabel cam sites, there is no need for hosting or emails as the parent cam site will take care of all that for you. You just need to focus on driving traffic to your site. That’s all!

So where do I get one? What are the best options?

Nearly all of the major cam sites offer some sort of whitelabel service. The things we look at between them are:

  • Quality of the content – How good the cammers on that site are.
  • Quality of tools – What kind of links/banners you have available.
  • Quality of reporting – The reporting available. This is important!
  • Commission – How much you actually get paid from a sale.
  • Payment Options – The way you get paid.

We have personally tried and tested a bunch of different whitelabels and we found that the following two are the ones that we would recommend:

Bonga Cash


Both of the above cam sites offer great tools with tons of quality content. Bonga offers slightly better commission at 25%, while chaturbate offers 20%. However, chaturbate have outstanding support and is much more popular with viewers; This is a good thing if you leave the adult webcam industry as you will continue to earn if your referred customers start using chaturbate with the account signed up through your whitelabel.

Let's Get Started!

Now you have your domain (if not, read here), you are ready to get started. Have a look at both of the options above and see which you prefer. Again, both options are great and you are really trading off increased future commission vs an extra 5% revenue.


A guide on how to get started with chaturbate can be found here.

Bonga Cash

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