Getting Started As An Adult Webcam Model

Becoming a Camgirl or a Camboy is simple and easy. There are no nerve-wracking interviews or lengthy applications. In fact, most of the sites will only require you to set up a profile and verify your age. How easy is that!

what are the benefits of becoming a camgirl / camboy

You may be thinking sat thinking whether this is the right path for you. Just why do people decide to look at the adult webcam industry for a new career path? Well let’s look at the facts;

  • You will be working from home, it means you don’t have to commute or worry about traffic and you are in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Being able to get Tea, Coffee or even a beer (or two) are great little perks for those who work from home. In addition, you may also receive tax deductions depending on which country you live in. For example, If you live in the UK, you can claim tax deductions for heating, computer equipment, sex toys and more.

  • This becomes your business, you are the boss and you dictate your hours. We’re sure you’ve had those times when you’ve had skip plans because you couldn’t get time off work. Similarly maybe you’ve put in extra hours and work but seen very little return. With this new career path, you can choose when and how frequently you perform. If you want more money, put in more hours. If you need more time, cut the hours back a little. In conclusion, It’s great for those looking for flexibility and freedom.

  • You also dictate what you choose to do. Looking to gear yourself to fetish content? Maybe you want to try go for the hardcore look or simply the girl next door. Either way, these are decision you and you alone make. In other words, you do not have to do work you don’t enjoy.

  • The potential to earn BIG is there. In fact, some adult webcam performers are making huge six figure salaries with near zero costs. This really is a huge industry to be in and a great time to get started. For the average cam girl, expect to earn $1000 – $2000/month although you could see upwards of $1000 daily if you are motivated.

As you can see, becoming a camgirl or boy has some huge benefits.

How much money do adult webcam models actually make

So the last point of the previous section probably caught your eye. For most, being able to work from home while choosing your own hours and making considerable cash sounds too good to be true. Had we not seen the stats ourselves, we would have agreed but the data is there. Webcam models can realistically expect to make anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 per month. In addition, some even make above and beyond that, with reports of $20,000 – $30,000 a month! We would highly recommend having a read of these three links that show that earnings haven’t significantly changed over the past few years;

  1. Cam Girl’s Weekly Budget
  2. Vice Article on Cam Model Earnings
  3. Forbes on Cam Girls

As you can see, it’s clear that there is a lot of earning potential here for those who take it seriously.

What is required, what do I need to invest in

So you are ready to get started as a camgirl, great, but what do you actually require?

  1. A Computer
  2. A Webcam
  3. Reasonable Area to Perform
  4. Moderately Fast Internet

You can find more details on the best equipment and recommendations on our Required Equipment page.

Step by Step Guide on Becoming a camgirl / adult performer

Step 1.

Ensure you have the correct equipment, in particularly, make sure your internet can support the stream. Visit the Required Equipment page if you are unsure.

Step 2.

Choose yourself a stage name. This is extremely important as it protects your personal information and also draws users to you. If you need help, visit our How to Choose a Stage Name page.

Step 3.

Sign up to a Cam site. All cam sites listed on our Cam Site Comparison page are high traffic and will earn you money. We tend to find Chaturbate a good starter site if you’re stuck.

Step 4.

Now that you are signed up to a site, it’s time to upload a photo ID and get yourself verified. This should be self explanatory in the website. You will also need to setup your payment info and upload a tax form.

Step 5.

Next up, you will need to complete your profile. Do not skip this step. A complete and detailed profile will make you stand out and also allow you to maximize earnings. If you are stuck, have a read of our Webcam Profile Tips page

Step 6.

Now you are verified with a completed profile, it’s time for the main part. Performing! A lot of sites will give a boost to new performers, make sure to capitalize on that opportunity using the tips from this site.

Where to now?

Now that you are out there are performing, money will start to come in. There are plenty of camming tips available on our site, so make sure to look around and also check out our community forums.

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