How to Enhance Your Earning Using Your Webcam Profile

Looking for webcam profile tips? Having an attractive webcam profile will go a long way in enhancing your earnings. As such, one must take time to perfect the art of creating a profile. How to set-up a webcam profile:

Webcam Profile Tips - Be Presentable

A profile pic is the first point of ‘contact’ between the model and the customers. As such, having a professionally done photo is highly recommended for any aspiring model. You should make sure that there are no stray hairs that might work as a distraction in your photo. It’s important that the customers see your face so they know who they are dealing with. You may also want to look at having your makeup done professionally; while we are sure you can do your makeup, having it done professionally will may give you the enhancements you need to stand out. The photo should be taken in a studio with the model being sexy and provocative.

While this may seem like an upfront cost you don’t need, you will be able to use these photos on your social media platforms and messenger apps (if you decide to delve into that later !).

Webcam Profile Tips - Profile Background

Some sites will allow you to add custom backgrounds to your profile. You may be tempted to go all out with sparkling flowers and hearts but these can be detrimental. Instead, you should opt for a solid colour background. While white is considered boring, a bright, low saturation colour will look great when using dark fonts.

Webcam Profile Tips - How a Dark Font looks on a Bright Background

Similarly, a bright font will look better on a dark background. If you are interested in reading into choosing contrasting colours to make your profile really stand out, we highly recommend reading the article on colour contrasts by viget here.

Webcam Profile Tips - Screen Name / Username

By now, you should have already chosen yourself a stage name. If you haven’t yet, go read of How to choose a Stage Name. Along with a stage name, you can also choose yourself a username or screen name. This will be the name of your profile. Personally, we recommend using your stage name, however, you may want to shorten it and that’s fine also.

As discussed on the How to choose a Stage Name article that you can add bits to your stage name to make it a screen name. We recommend whatever you choose to be sexy, short and easy to read. Don’t be tempted to call yourself, for example, XXxxLaraxxXX, as it will obscure the name and make recognition difficult. Similarly, try to avoid just adding numbers to the end as it will look generic. i.e. Lara319. Obviously, you can choose to add recognisable numbers as these will be memorable, for example, Lara420 or Lara911 but for the most part, avoid numbers. Using underscores ( _ ) can help you break a name up. _Lara_York_ for example works well.

Whatever your screen name, make sure it is easy to remember as you will want consistency on your social media platforms. As this article is written, the top performers on chaturbate’s names are;

  1. 2badforyou
  2. emilybrown
  3. lettali
  4. sweet arv
  5. spanishcouple

Discuss Your Willingness / What Viewers Can Expect

Every profile should indicate what you are ready to do. It may also be worth adding anything you are not willing to do so people are aware before they start watching. However, we would recommend just telling people if they ask as you may be able to captivate someone who would have already left had they read your bio. Generally, most customers request for the normal sexual acts like spanking but this is a great place to advertise any other fetishes you may provide. We recommend reading our article on Profiting from a Fetish.

A daring model will have more in terms of traffic, thus increasing their earnings. Many customers are looking for a particular thing before engaging a model. Apart from stating the willingness, one should provocatively describe their bodies. For instance, you could use words such as thick, curvy, busty, among others.

Pricing your Events

Your profile should have any additional charges included. You should aim to keep them moderately price. Having them too low will attract frauds and cheapskates who will expect a lot for not much in return. On the other hand, having them too expensive will deter clients. Being moderate works for most models as it helps them attract the right people. In general, having good, competitive pricing will help draw in customers and convince them to purchase your services. We recommend you have a look at what other models are charging and base your pricing around them. Be competitive but don’t be afraid to charge more if you feel you offer a better service than someone else.

Conclusion to setting up a webcam bio.

Getting a basic bio up is easy but it’s not engaging. You really should spend a good amount of time making your bio look nice and stand out – it will make a huge difference. People read your bio to find out about you. In short, it’s one of, if not the best place, you can sell yourself in this business and you need to make sure to capitalize on that.

When it comes to webcam modeling, your success is defined by the size of your customer base. As such, it is of utmost importance to retain customers for repeat sales. Your profile will be a defining factor in making people interested in you, along with your attitude and openess on cam.

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