How to Choose a Stage Name

Your stage name, or alias, will become your brand. This is how you will build your business. It’s important to choose something that sounds exciting and easy to remember, after all, you will be promoting this on a daily basis. On this page, we will look at how to pick a great adult performer name and the reasoning behind choosing certain names over others.

Choosing a Real Name vs a Generic Username

You are probably wanting to call yourself something like “HotSpicyTeen69”. If you look at the cam sites, other people do that, so why not you? Right?

Well you might be surprised. You will notice that most of the popular cams are actually real names. The same can be seen with porn stars, where you have great names like “Rachel Starr”, “Tori Black”, “Alexis Texas”. Now, before you go and throw your name out there, be aware that none of the 3 names I listed are their real names. Rachel Starr is actually called Brandy Hargrove, Tori Black is called Michelle Chapman and Alexis Texas is called Thea Samper.

Without someone telling you, it might have been your assumption that Rachel really is called Rachel and this is part of the benefit of choosing a false name. Having a name that obscures your real identity will prevent people from trying to find your personal information. As we mention in Required Equipment people will take opporunities to find you, so having an identity is a requirement when going into the adult business.

Getting to know your clients - Or more so, them getting to know you.

The second, extremely beneficial, point to choosing a real name vs a generic username is that it allows intimacy. What do we mean by that? Well, users will want to feel like they are paying someone who acknowledges them and that they can feel close to. Having a real name will allow users to put the face to a name and make them create a personal connection:
Think of it this way, a user coming in for the first time is greeted by, say “Lara York”. The user will assume the person they are viewing is “Lara” and it creates a sense of open attitude. The user can say “Hey Lara, how’s it going” and it feels like a personal message instead of “Hey HotSpicyTeen69, how’s it going” which isn’t very engaging at all.

It will also help with marketing. For example, people may want a signed phot. Being able to make a realistic signature will look better and make your brand much more recognisable:

Even if you choose to use a username like HotSpicyTeen69, it’s important to have a name for when people ask for your name. You could always make a username from your alias name, so for example, Lara York’s username could be LaraMinx, LittleMissYork, x_Lara_x.

Coming up with a name

The main thing you need to have in your own mind is whether or not you like it. Rememeber, this will be the name people interract with you by and as such, will be repeatedly said during your streams. If you hate the name Rose, don’t pick it because it sounds nice.

Think hard about names you like. Maybe a character from a show or game, a person who you’ve met or even a place you’ve visited. If you had a chance to rename yourself, what would it have been?

We devised the name Lara York from the game Tomb Raider’s protagonist, Lara Croft, mixed with the English city of York. Another name could be Dani Rei, which is a mashup of a childhood friend and rey from star wars. Be creative and think of something you like and that sounds good.

Things You Definitely Want to Avoid

Naturally, there are things you want to avoid putting in your name.

  • First off, you want to keep it relatively short and sweet, using long names like Tammy Leighton-Harvey will make marketing difficult and users may forget your full name, making it hard for them to google you. It is much better to shorten it to Tammy Leigh.

  • Try to choose a sexy name. While you don’t have to sound like a pornstar calling yourself Crystalin Coxx, you probably want to avoid calling yourself, say, Agatha Reubenstein or any other name that may conjure images of grandparents.

  • Don’t try to create new variations in names. If someone wants to find you, it should be simple to google your name.  For example, if you want your name to be Emily, don’t change it to Emiirleyyy as it just obscures you from searches.

Still Stuck? There's a Tool For That.

If you are really struggling to get yourself a name, check out this name generator. After you switch it to female (or male), you can generate a bunch of names at once. When we tried, we found the following to be fairly solid choices;

  1. Misty Grady
  2. Sarah Becker
  3. Carley Wolfe
  4. Suzie Cox
  5. Lacy Green
  6. Kelli Lowe
  7. Lillith Little
  8. Rosie King
  9. Annie Swift
  10. Adelle Young

All of the above could be used and would be great stage names, especially for that “girl next door” kind of look.

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