How to find an adult niche

Knowing how to find an adult niche can make a huge difference, whether you’re setting up a whitelabel cam site, creating an adult tube site or even starting your own cam site. We will go through what a niche is, why it’s important and how to pick the right one to get you started.

What exactly is a niche?

If you are new to the world of internet marketing, you will hear a lot of words and abbreviations thrown around. Niche is one of them terms and is used in all sectors. A niche is essentially a subgroup of a larger population that has a specific shared interest. For example, if we took a group of movie critics and sorted them into the type of movie they prefer, we would end up with multiple niches such as horror, romantic, action, thriller etc. A niche may seem trivial but you would be surprised on how powerful it can be when utilized.

Why not just target everyone?

New marketers may be inclined to do a kind of “catch all” approach where they try get everyone. Sadly, this isn’t viable in most cases unless you have excessive amounts of cash and labour to throw at it. Attempting to copy the big name companies will usually lead to failure due to the fact that the customer feels no connection to it. You may have heard of the term, Jack of all trades, master of none. While being a flexible in what you offer can be benefitial, specialising in one is better in a competitive market. It allows you to create connections with your visitors that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Another good thing to look at with a niche is that you can target your visitors with content that will bring them back time and time again. You know what they want and like because they wouldn’t be there otherwise. Trying to compete for as a general tube site will lead to you leaving the industry. Trust us when we say, go for a niche.

Should I just go with what's popular?

A lot of marketing teams will tell you to look at analytics and statistical data. While these can definitely be good ways to help formulate an idea of traffic, you will also be competing with a lot of the big companies and a huge amount of other marketers.

The same goes for choosing a broad niche. For example, Lesbians, a very popular niche that seems to attract huge amounts of people worldwide. By trying to compete in that niche, you would be battling hundreds, if not thousands of sites targetting the lesbian niche. Say we were to break down Lesbian into an even smaller niche, like Black Lesbians and suddenly the overall interest has dropped but there is still a market there for people who want to see Black Lesbians. This is much less competitive and you will be battling with far less sites for traffic. You could even go further and go for Black Strapon Lesbians which again cuts the market down but also the competition.

Choosing the niche

We’re going to be very up-front about this. Choose something you like. This is how to find an adult niche that will be profitable. You may not watch pornography very often and you may be here just to make money but we all, as humans, have sexual preferences and desires. Choosing something you know and like is a sure-fire way of being able to write engaging content and share the right videos. You may think you have a unique fetish that only applies to you, but the chances are, it’s just less common and there are others out there searching for the same content.

If you’re not sure what you like, create an account on a site like pornhub and then spend time each night going through videos you like. After a few weeks, go back through your history and looks for trends. Again, knowing what you like and being able to engage with others who like the same thing will be very advantageous!

Some things to consider

Once you have found your niche, we recommend building everything around it. For example, your domains can include the word. To demonstrate, we will use the example from before, black strapon lesbians. For the domain, we could go for or We can then create a colour scheme that fits around the niche, so for the ebony theme we could go with a dark brown, almost black look. The logo could feature a strapon and again the same colour scheme to highlight what it is. Again, this may seem trivial but it will help in the long run!

If you have an idea of what niche you want to target, why not see if you can snag a domain name that fits it?

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Another thing you should realise is that humans are pretty lazy (or efficient depending on how you look at it!) by nature. If we feel that we can find what we want in one place, without searching around, we will go back there. It’s why supermarkets have become so popular. Keep that in your mind, especially if creating an adult tube site alongside. Make your site the only place you will ever need for your niche and people will come back.

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