How to Profit From Fetishes

How to Profit From Fetishes

If you are looking to maximize your earnings, it’s definitely worth learning how to profit from fetishes. In this post, we will go through identifying profitable fetishes and ways to keep up with trending fetishes, as well as going through what exactly a fetish is.

What Exactly Is A Fetish? How can I Profit From Fetishes?

You’ve probably heard the term being used regularly, especially in the adult industry, but what does it actually mean? The word Fetish is actually synonymus with the word fixation in that it means an obsession with a particular item, object or concept. Generally speaking however, Fetish is generally used to represent a sexual obsession with a particular part of the body or a sexual act. These can be anything from finding feet attractive, to group sex all the way to enjoying sexual torture (such as BDSM). Fetishes also vary by country, gender, race and age.

How to profit from a fetish

People have a compulsion to buy what they like and by providing a fetish, you are making yourself more desirable to people who enjoy said fetish. The problem is, not everyone has the same fetish. Here is where you are given a dilema. If you choose a fetish too extreme or rare, you risk losing the casual viewers or the ones who don’t enjoy the fetish, however, you increase sales to those who do. While if you don’t cater to a fetish, you are losing out on potential sales.

For most webcam performers, you are wanting to cater to as many people as possible while still capitalizing on a fetish. The way around this is simple but requires a little bit of research and intelligence which we will discuss in the next section.

How to Choose a Fetish and Retain Viewers

The number one tool at your disposal is knowing your clients. You need to get an idea of your viewer demographics (where your viewers are coming from, male or female, age etc).

Right now, one of the top fetishes in the UK is BDSM. This is likely due to the popularlity of the book series “50 shades of grey” along with the following film adaptions. So if your viewers are majority from the UK, it may be worth exploring BDSM, right? Not quite.
As we mentioned earlier, gender plays a role in fetishes. The book sparked a rise in females exploring BDSM, but didn’t have much of an impact on males as the book was written from a woman’s perspective.

So what if your viewers are male? A quick google search revealed that one of the top UK male fetishes is foot play, also known as a foot fetish. This means it’s reasonable to assume that a decent percentage of UK males are going to enjoy your feet and you can start to incorporate that into your stream.

If you are stuck, never be afraid to ask your viewers what they want to see. Enganging with people will not only tell you what they are after but will also create a bond with them. This in turn will lead to fans who will increase the view count and sale-rate of your stream. Knowing your demographics is crucial to maximizing your profits. Being able to engage and adapt to your audience will make you more appealing and in turn bring in repeat clients, not only to profit off of fetishes but also from regular content.

Staying on top

As mentioned demographics play a major role in how you should focus yourself.¬† However once size does not fit all and sometimes user’s just don’t feel chatty. Another useful tool of human nature is curiosity. Seeing something for the first time can catch attention. A good example is bad dragon dildos (large and odd shaped fetish toys). When they first appeared on the scene, people flocked to watch them being used. At the time, only a handful of adult webcam models actually had them and their views rose rapidly because of the niche created.

Pornhub Insights can give you invaluable data to help you find trending topics and fetishes. For example, one of the highest rising porn categories is step brother/step sister. This could be great to either roleplay alone or as a couple. Acting skills may be required!

When is it too far?

There are plenty of people out there that will pay for all kinds of fetishes. Generally speaking, the rarer the fetish or the more extreme the act, the higher the pay. Some may be outright bizarre but completely safe and legal. We talked to one cam girl who said she was paid to bathe in milk and cereal for example. There is a lot of money available to those who are willing to go the extra mile and appease someone’s desires and for the most part, it’s completely safe and humiliation free.

Some requests however may stray into that gray zone and others are outright illegal. It is always important to check the legality of any requests for the country you are in. You can find them by searching for “obscenity laws“. Be aware that these change from country to country.

You should never, under any circumstances, perform an act you are uncomfortable or scared to do. There are regularly cases of people dying during auto-erotic asphixiation (cutting off your airsupply) cases among various others.

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